Why it’s Important to Talking with Baby and Toddler: Best Practices

Talking with baby

Talking with babies is very important as it can build your child’s language and communication skills. It’s not a difficult thing to do. When you will talk with your baby, it will help in development of baby’s language and communication. When you use different words while talking to your child, it helps to improve their understanding of language and it also increases the number and variety of words that they become familiar with. Talking with your child also helps in brain development and such children do better at school.

Tips to Start Talking With Your Baby

You can follow some tips to help you communicate with your baby.

  1. Start talking about everyday things. Use different words depending on what you are doing with your baby at that time. Try to talk as much as you can during day.
  2. You should observe your baby’s mood. Babies like to stay quiet sometimes. If baby feels tired and is not responding then you should stop talking and talk at some other time of day. Some babies are outgoing and some are quieter.
  3. Try to give full attention to baby while talking. You will notice that baby will start to respond you more.  Make sure that nothing is distracting you while you are talking to your baby.
  4. Notice things that your child is observing and looking at. Then talk about those things. For example if your child is playing with a toy such as a car then talk about that thing at that time.
  5. You should use lots of expressions to make your conversation interesting and engaging. How you talk about something matters more that what you talk about.
  6. If you use complex words then you should also describe them in a way that they understand you and the meaning of that word.
  7. You can read and tell stories to your baby. You baby will enjoy this special time with you. Talk about different pictures in the book, point out words and letters and wonder out loud what might happen next in the story which you are reading for your baby.
  8. Your child will also notice the way you communicate with others. If you will talk politely then your child will also learn to talk politely with others.
  9. Talk about things in which your child seems interested e.g. something that is happening outside or a story that you have read and enjoyed together.
  10. Use natural pauses. Give gaps while talking to let your child respond you. In this way, your child will learn about “give and take” in a conversation.

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