Your Pregnancy Week 07

7 Week Pregnant: Pregnancy Calendar

During pregnancy, you will feel anxious and worried about what will happen to you and your baby in these 9 months. Every week of pregnancy bring new bodily changes and we are here to provide you details of 7 week and you can get a lot of information about what to expect in every week of pregnancy. Here is a guide to your pregnancy journey.

Baby Development 7 Week

In 7 week, the umbilical cord which is a link between you and your baby will provide nourishment and oxygen to the baby and remove wastes. Baby’s digestive tract and lungs are continuously forming. Most exciting part by this time is the developing features of your baby. By week 7, some facial features like mouth, nostrils, ears and eyes will be more defined. Baby’s lens will also form and iris color becomes visible. Also the arms, legs, shoulders, feet and hands will begin to take shapes. The body of the baby elongates and baby’s brain will become more complex. Mucus plug will also form in opening of cervical canal and seals off uterus and will provide protection to it from any kind of infection.


In the early weeks especially from week 5 to 8, nutrition plays an important role in developing baby’s systems. You should eat healthy foods and remember a few tips like:
 Limit the foods that upset your stomach and cause digestion problems.
 Increase intake of fluids and keep yourself hydrated.
 To avoid problem of iron deficiency, increase intake of iron. Not only take iron supplements but also add iron rich foods to your diet.
 Eat small meals at different times of the day also follow balanced diet and eat healthy foods like fruits and vegetables etc.


Exercise is good for health but you should follow some steps:
 Try 3o minutes of physical activity or exercise a day.
 Try completing this time in segments and by doing exercise at different times of the day.
 If there is any complication in your pregnancy then you should talk to your doctor before starting any exercise


Following precautions should be taken:
 Regular checkups.
 Eating healthy food and avoiding food not good for health of baby.
 Discussing exercise routine with doctor.
 Regular intake of supplements according to doctor’s suggestions.

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