Your Pregnancy Week 40

40 Week Pregnant: Pregnancy Calendar

During pregnancy, you will feel anxious and worried about what will happen to you and your baby in these 9 months. Every week of pregnancy bring new bodily changes and we are here to provide you details of 40 week pregnant and you can get a lot of information about what to expect in every week of pregnancy. Here is a guide to your pregnancy journey.

Baby Development in 40 Week 

Baby’s development has completed. You are at official end of pregnancy. The weight of your baby is between 6 to 9 pounds. If you are planning to breastfeed your baby then you will provide the baby with antibodies which will help to fight against infections. You will notice that your little one is curled in fetal position because baby will take time to realize that now he/ she can spread out.


  • Fiber is important in all weeks but it is especially important in final weeks. This nutrient makes sure that food moves properly throughout your body, delivering other nutrients to organs that need them.
  • Fiber rich foods work to regulate blood sugar levels and prevent gestational diabetes. Fiber can also lower risk of high blood pressure.
  • Sources of fiber are whole grain breads, brown rice, lentils, broccoli and peas, fresh fruits etc.


Bouncing on an exercise ball to induce labor encourages baby to move down and also assist in cervix dilation. This can also help in soothing baby. The moment helps pelvic floor to contract and relax naturally. Try to bounce a few minutes throughout day.


You should know what you should do and what you should not do in pregnancy. Some of useful tips are given below:

  • Cut down or stop caffeine intake.
  • Avoid foods that are more likely to be contaminated with bacteria such as raw eggs, undercooked fish and processed meats.
  • Do not take any medicines without consulting with your doctor.
  • Avoid some exercises such as weight training and heavy lifting and anything with an increased risk of falling.
  • Stay away from bug sprays as they are considered as poisons for pregnant women.
  • Avoid anything that can cause overheating.
  • Stay hydrated.
  • Do not miss antenatal appointments.