Your Pregnancy Week 03

3-Week Pregnant: Baby’s Development

3 Week of pregnancy means three weeks from first day of your last period. Now the fertilized egg slowly moves along the fallopian tube towards the uterus. This egg keeps on dividing again and again unless it becomes a mass of over 100 cells. This mass of 100 cells is called an embryo. This embryo is in a phase of growth and will keep growing. The embryo attaches itself into uterus lining called endometrium. The process in which the embryo attaches itself in the lining of uterus is called “implantation”. By this time, you may not feel as if you are pregnant but a baby is growing inside you. Implantation makes a connection in which the uterus lining called endometrium will provide nourishment and removes waste. After some time, this connection will be changed to placenta.


You should get enough nutrients like folic acid, protein, calcium and iron. All these nutrients are very essential for the developing baby. Make sure that you are getting all these nutrients in right amount. Folic acid is important because it prevents neural tube defects. Neural tube is a structure that gives rise to brain and spinal cord and develops early in pregnancy. Similarly, calcium is important too because it aids in developing bones and teeth. Proteins are important in formation of tissue and muscles of the baby. Iron and folic acid helps in making extra blood. You should maintain a balanced diet and take important foods like leafy green vegetables, meat, eggs, milk, yogurt etc. Also increase intake of fluids.


If there are no complications in your pregnancy then it should not stop you from doing regular exercise. But you remember one thing and that is to maintain a safe exercise routine during this whole journey of pregnancy. By week 3, you should remember a few things and that are:

 Drink plenty of water.

 Increase intake of fluids.

 If you feel tired or body show signs that there is some problem then immediately stop doing exercise

 Avoid exposure to chemicals and
talk to your doctor before starting any new exercise


You should talk to your doctor if you have any concerns. Also keep a check on your diet and stop taking foods and medicines that are not good for you and your baby’s health. Before doing exercises, you should discuss with your doctor all such things.

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