Your Pregnancy Week 29

29 Week Pregnant: Pregnancy Calendar

During pregnancy, you will feel anxious and worried about what will happen to you and your baby in these 9 months. Every week of pregnancy bring new bodily changes and we are here to provide you details of 29 week pregnant and you can get a lot of information about what to expect in every week of pregnancy. Here is a guide to your pregnancy journey.

Baby Development in 29 Week 

Baby’s brain which was once very smooth and delicate is now becoming complex and gaining new folds and grooves. The surface area of brain is increased with these wrinkles and this has give space for growth of new cells. Your baby’s movements have now become frequent and baby is gaining weight day by day. Baby will become double in weight in coming weeks


    • Not in third trimester, but throughout pregnancy, you should eat as much fruits as you can because:

      • Fresh fruits contain vitamin C which plays an important role in development and functioning of placenta.
      • Increase intake of fresh fruits such as strawberries, bananas, melons and kiwi.
      • If you go outside for a long time, you can pack slices of fresh fruits and carry them with you.


  • In third trimester and even throughout pregnancy, the best exercise that you can do is walking. Be sure to find a comfortable pair of shoes for that.
  • Yoga and pelvic floor exercises are also best during pregnancy because it strengthens your core and pelvic floor which helps in stability, comfort, labor and birth.