Your Pregnancy Week 26

26 Week Pregnant: Pregnancy Calendar

During pregnancy, you will feel anxious and worried about what will happen to you and your baby in these 9 months. Every week of pregnancy bring new bodily changes and we are here to provide you details of 26 week pregnant and you can get a lot of information about what to expect in every week of pregnancy. Here is a guide to your pregnancy journey.

Baby Development in 26 Week 

The weight of your baby is now 760g and measures about 35.6cm from start to end. Your baby’s body is growing now and is supported by a spine which consists of 150 joints, 33 rings and 1000 ligaments. Baby’s brain is developing fast and baby is able to respond to sounds more quickly. Your baby can pick on different sounds of people and your baby becomes familiar with your sound since the time when baby in womb. Lungs are developing and branching out new airways with tiny air sacs called alveoli at their tips.  This network is also called as respiratory tree. Surfactant, a substance that coats inside if sir sacs and help it inflate and deflate. But your baby’s lungs are not developed to breathe air yet. Taste buds of your baby have developed much now.


    • One of important nutrients that your body needs is selenium which is antioxidant. You need to add it to your diet because:
      • It acts like a defense mechanism against various diseases in the body and regulates immune system.
      • You can add selenium to diet by eating foods like whole grain breads and chicken lambs etc.


Some of the exercises that are perfect in pregnancy are as follow:

  • Swimming and water aerobics are a good option as in water, you weigh less than on land and you will feel lighter. Swimming can help relieve nausea, sciatic pain and puffy ankles.
  • There isn’t any good exercise as walking in a busy schedule. What’s better is that you don’t need any special equipment for this exercise.


  • Follow the tips to stay safe in second trimester of your pregnancy:
    • Stays hydrated and drink lots of water.
    • It is good for you to adjust your exercise routine. Some women in 2nd trimester may suffer from problem of congestion but it’s good to keep a check on medications that you are taking to relieve from such problems.
    • Do not miss your antenatal appointments.
    • Your doctor will suggest you genetic testing in order to check that where your baby is at risk.