Your Pregnancy Week 11

11 Week Pregnant: Pregnancy Calendar

During pregnancy, you will feel anxious and worried about what will happen to you and your baby in these 9 months. Every week of pregnancy bring new bodily changes and we are here to provide you details of 11 week pregnant and you can get a lot of information about what to expect in every week of pregnancy. Here is a guide to your pregnancy journey.

Baby Development in 
11 Week 

By 11 week , brain and nervous system has finished developing. Muscles and nerves of baby will work now to produce jerky movements around the uterus. The size of baby’s head will be same as the size of baby’s body. Bones will become hard. The hands and feet of baby will be in front of baby’s body. Nose passages are now open and tongue has formed as well. Finger nails will grow and heart will be pumping blood and there are teeth inside the gum. Baby’s ear will be on permanent position. The reproductive organs are also developing but still it’s too early to know whether you are going to have a baby boy or baby girl. After week 11, yours baby weight will gain by 30% till week 20.


Tips for healthy diet in week 11 are:
 Eat healthy.
 Baby needs calcium for growing bones. Add about 1200milligrams and that is four servings every day. Try to increase intake of yogurt.
 You can make smoothies using yogurt and fruits to make it yummier.
 You can choose any nutritious powerhouse foods like avocado, kiwi, oranges etc.
 Drink lots of water as it can help reduce problem of constipation.


Regular exercise has many benefits for both the mother and the baby.
 Make time for some exercise every day.
 You can go for a walk, can join a yoga class and so on.
 As long you are getting your heart rate up with some moderate activity for at least 10 minutes, it is considered as an exercise.


At every antenatal appointment, remember that:
 Talk to your doctor about medicines and supplements that you are taking.
 Ask about safe exercises.
 Talk about the tests that you should consider during your pregnancy.
 Discuss any problem that is causing you anxiety.

Your Pregnancy Week 11