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Third Trimester

Now you will enter the final trimester of pregnancy. The 3rd trimester is most challenging of all three. Not only physically but emotionally challenging as well. You should be aware of what happens with your body and fetus in this trimester as it will help you to reduce anxiety and any fears in your mind related to pregnancy and delivery. In 3rd trimester, you will go regularly for checkups because your doctor will check your progress at every antenatal appointment.

Body changes

Following are body changes that you will notice in 3rd trimester:

 You will feel more pain and swelling.

 Anxiety about delivery might increase.

 You will feel an increase in number of fetal movements.
 Going to washroom frequently.

 Random tightening of uterus but it’s not painful.

 Heartburn.

 Swelling of ankles, fingers and face.

 Changed sleeping patterns.

In case you feel frequent contractions, bleeding, reduced baby movements or too much weight gain, immediately contact your doctor and discuss the problem.

Fetal development

The growth and development of baby continues in 3rd trimester. In this trimester:

 The baby will open eyes and will gain weight and this will be the time when you will prepare yourself for delivery.

 Your baby can kick, stretch and make grasping movements.

 Baby’s eyes are wide open and your baby’s head is full of hair now.

 Red blood cells will also form in your baby’s bone marrow.

 Development has almost completed. It is the time when baby quickly gains weight.

 Your baby’s toenails will become clearly visible.

 The soft layer of hair called “lanugos” will start falling off.

 Now your baby can detect light. Baby’s pupil change in size in response to a stimulus caused by light.

 Baby’s skin is becoming pink and smooth

 Baby’s limbs will have a chubby appearance.

 Baby’s head will move downwards now.

 Baby’s chest will become prominent.

 Fat will be added to baby in these months

Staying healthy

Do not forget to:

 Take prenatal vitamins.

 Exercise regularly. Walk and yoga are best for health.

 Eat a healthy and balanced diet.
 Intake of juices and fluids.
 Prenatal checkups.

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