Swollen Feet during pregnancy


Swollen feet during pregnancy are normal and common and are caused due to the extra blood and fluid produce during pregnancy, as the body produces more blood and fluid during pregnancy to complete the need of the unborn baby. Normal swelling called edema often occurs in feet, hands, face, and legs, etc.

Extra blood and fluids are required for the softness of the body which helps to expend the pelvic joints and tissue for the delivery and also results in weight gain during pregnancy. Swelling feet generally occurs in the last three months of pregnancy.

Cause of Swelling during Pregnancy

It is natural to have swollen feet during pregnancy or other body parts swelling but sometime the following factors can cause swelling.

  • Lack of nutrients and potassium
  • Taking a high level of sodium
  • Long term activities
  • Standing for a long time
  • Taking caffeinated drinks

How to reduce swelling during pregnancy:

You can reduce the risk of swollen feet by following the points given below.

  • Avoid standing for a long time
  • Avoid long term outdoor activities
  • Stay hydrated
  • Avoid extra use of salt and sodium
  • Avoid high heal and wear comfortable shoes
  • Do massage on the swollen area
  • Do exercise regularly.

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