10 Best Sleep Tips for Twins Babies


Are you looking for the best sleep tips for twins babies? Because we know it’s hard for the parents to get a newborn baby into the sleeping routine but for the parents of twins it is even harder to get two or more babies into the sleeping routine at night. Here’s is the expert-recommended guide of 10 best sleep tips for twins’ babies. 

Twins mean double the fun, double the cuteness but also double the work. Twins baby care is not an easy task. And what’s the worst thing about having baby twins? Most parents of twins would agree with us that it is a lack of sleep. Researchers from Case Western Reserve found that moms of twins slept only 6.2 hours a night during the first months. And it was even worse for the dad who slept for 5.8 hours in an entire day.

Follow these 10 best napping and sleep tips for twins and boost’s your babies’ sleep, getting them to sleep means you’ll get more peace and sleep, too.

10 Best Sleep Tips for Twins Babies:

Read these top 10 must-know tips for twin’s sleep guaranteed to help you get your twins sleeping soundly and on the same schedule every night.

1. Swaddling

Swaddling is best for the newborns. It can help babies to have longer uninterrupted sleep because swaddling make it difficult for babies to move their arms and startle themselves awake. After a month or two you will see the comforting results in baby‘s sleeping.

If your twins are sleeping in the same bassinet or crib make sure they’re properly swaddled. A British study found that twins sleeping side by side occasionally covered each other face by the free arms, it can cause breathing problems or lowered oxygen to the affected twin. You need to turn their head and push their sibling’s arm away.

2. Restful Environment

For the twins sleeping arrangement, it is your ultimate duty to helps your babies to learn that nighttime is for sleeping and daytime is for playing and chilling. Create an appropriate environment in your baby’s sleeping area like keep the surrounding dark and calm, reduce noise or use soothing music for the background and it is called “white noise”. You can also play some relaxing music during babies feeding.

3. Make a schedule

It can be a challenge for every mom to get a baby on a good schedule because you can’t make babies got to sleep, a few best sleep tips for twins will help them to establish good sleep habits. If you are parents of twins, it will be a real challenge for you to balance. Try and get your twins at the same feeding, bathing, and changing schedule. When one baby wakes up at night for feeding or changing, feed and change the other twin as well.   

4. Prevent Overheating

Avoid woolly blankets, hats, or extra clothing because it can make babies too hot and they have uncomfortable sleep. Experts recommend the temperature of the baby’s room should be 68 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit. Check your baby’s neck or head during sleep to make sure that they are not sweaty.

5. Avoid Smoking

Both parents should avoid smoking in the baby’s room. Studies suggest that smoking can increase the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome SIDs (3,500 babies yearly die of SIDS yearly in the U.S). 

6. Share room but Avoid co-sleeping

Keep a closer eye on your twin babies for six to twelve months by putting their cribs or bassinets in your bedroom but avoid co-sleeping because it can be risky for your little ones.

7. Get help

The first few weeks after having twins can be tough and challenging, that’s why it is good for you to get help from friends or family members. Any help in making meals or cleaning the house for at least 3 to 4 weeks is good for you and your babies because twin’s sleeping, Feeding, and changing is also a job itself, and all it needs your time and special attention.

8. Introduce a lovey 

All parents of twins want to get their twins sleeping soundly and on the same schedule. Introduce a small and soft lovey it will help your babies feel comfortable and soothed in the crib.

9. Watch for sleepy cues

Start watching your twin for sleepy cues like your babies start rubbing their eyes or yawns. When you see these cues you need to bring them to their nursery to get ready for naptime or bedtime. You have to make sure that the nursery isn’t too hot or cold, as I mentioned above in point 4.

10. Pause

If your babies make a noise or cry during sleep, don’t jump and pick your baby up every time. Just pause first. If you do that this will create poor sleep in babies. Newborns may appear to be crying in their sleep or maybe woken up for no reason, that’s just the nature of newborn sleep.

So, if your babies have woken up, give them a chance to settle themselves and sleep again. If you rush to them too quickly you risked waking them up fully.

Let me clarify something, if your baby is screaming or crying badly, he/she will obviously hungry, hot, cold, or sick then pick that baby up! Do what you need to do.

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How to teach your twins that night time is for sleep?

It’s a good idea to teach your twins baby that night-time is for sleep and is different from daytime, But HOW? During the daytime, play games have fun and don’t worry too much about everyday noises when they nap.

At night time, you might find it helpful to:

  • keep the lights down low
  • do not talk much with babies
  • keep your voice quiet
  • If you’ve feeding or changing your babies, once they done put them down for sleep as soon as possible
  • not change your baby’s diaper unless they need it
  • not play with your baby at night

With these simple methods your baby will gradually learn that night-time is for sleeping.

Take care of twins and of yourself during these challenging times and give yourself some credit. You’ve got two babies to care for, and you’re managing it quite well. Tomorrow will be better and “This TWO shall pass”. These are our top 10 best must-read sleep tips for twins babies. We hope it works and your twins will sleep soundly tonight.

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