Pregnancy -> 2nd Trimester

Second Trimester

Welcome to the 2nd trimester. It starts from week 13 and ends till week 28 which means from month 4 to month 6. 1st trimester is tough but the good news is that you will feel relieve in 2nd trimester if you have been struggling with morning sickness, nausea, vomiting, anxiety and other problems that were causing you discomfort. The 2nd trimester is the most comfortable of all three trimesters as early pregnancy symptoms will disappear and you will notice an increase in your energy levels. But do not forget to eat healthy to stay active and energetic. In this trimester, you can also make important decisions like where you would like to deliver your baby and whether you want to know sex of baby through ultrasound.

Body changes

You will notice the following body changes when 2nd trimester will start.

 Your uterus will expand.

 You will gain weight.

 Congestion due to increased blood flow to body’s mucous membranes (including nose).

 You will feel hungry. So there will be an increase in appetite.

 Leg cramps also start in this trimester. You can avoid this problem by eating balanced diet.

 Stretch marks will appear on thighs, breasts and stomach.

 Swelling of ankles and hands.

 In case you are having same symptoms as in first trimester like nausea, excessive vomiting, over weight gain etc.

Antenatal appointments

You should see a doctor every two or four weeks. Your doctor will ask you for the following tests:

 Ultrasound to check any baby’s growth and any other complications in pregnancy.

 Blood tests.

 Your b.p will be checked.

 Birth defect and other genetic screening tests.
These are not the only tests. Your healthcare will guide you from time to time and will examine your condition. You should ask any questions if you are concerned and worried about something.

Fetus development

In 2nd trimester, your baby will continue to grow and develop as:

 Baby organs fully develop.

 Your baby can hear what you say.

 Baby’s skin is covered in lanugos (fur coat) which will keep your baby’s body warm.

 Baby’s digestive system is already formed. Now your baby can taste the food that you will eat.

 Baby’s senses will develop which means that now baby will be able to smell, see and hear.

Staying healthy

 Take prenatal vitamins.

 Exercise regularly. Walk and yoga are best for health.

 Eat a healthy and balanced diet.

 Intake of juices and fluids.

 Prenatal checkups.