Raising Twin Babies – Best Sleeping and Feeding Tips


Once your twin babies arrive, you will need a lot of support from your friend and family. You can also talk to other people who have raised twins. They can guide you about how to prepare yourself for raising twins babies. Taking care of your twins is the most difficult task. Follow some steps and tips to set up the best routine for sleeping and feeding your baby.

Best Sleep Schedule for Twins

In raising twins, a good sleeping routine is very important for your baby. If your babies are born prematurely then they spend some time in neonatal care. There are many babies in a hospital and frequent handling to which babies are subjected to a hospital affects their sleep routine. It’s important to set up a sleep schedule for your babies so that you will be able to get some rest yourself. Follow these steps to develop a good sleeping schedule for your baby:

  • The first thing you should do is feed your twins at the same time. The babies who eat at the same become drowsy at the same time.
  • After feeding your babies, help them burp and change clothes then play with your babies.  Let them look at you and play till one or both of them become sleepy.
  • After that, swaddle your babies and lay them down so that they will sleep.
  • Nap your twins at the same time. After some time, you will notice that your twins will be taking two organized naps a day and at the same time.
  • You can keep both babies in one cot or in different cots. Whatever option you think suits you and babies, go for it.

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Best Feeding Schedule for Twins

At the start of raising twins, the hardest part is to breastfeed or bottle-feeds your twin babies. Now comes the time when you will introduce solid foods to your little ones. Here are some tips on how to make sure that most of the food gets in the mouth of your twins and not on the floor.

  • It’s better to discuss with the doctor about when you should start giving solids to your baby as most of the twins are born prematurely and are on a delayed developmental schedule.
  • Start giving solids to your twins when they are closer to six months.
  • Start feeding both babies at the same time but don’t force if one is not ready.
  • Begin with the same baby foods such as pureed fruits, veggies, or cereal.
  • Don’t worry about exchanging germs if none of your twins is sick. You can use the same jar or bowl and can give them alternate bites to make sure that both are getting equal bites.
  • Keep a plastic mat on the floor and a wet cloth to clean the mess.

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You may feel extremely exhausted while raising twins but it is important that you try to give them most of playtime, the time in which you can make the bond with your twins stronger. Happy Twinning!!

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