Pregnant women with Covid-19 may be at increased risk of premature birth


Hospitalized Pregnant women with Covid-19 may be at a higher risk of giving birth prematurely. A recent study from a US Center of Disease, Control, and Prevention suggests.

CDC report showed that 12.6% of live births among hospitalized women with Covid-19 were preterm compared with 10% of births that were observed in the general US population in 2018.

Researchers wrote that “in this study, premature births occurred almost three times higher in the COVID-19 symptomatic women than asymptomatic women.”

The study was published on Wednesday; it included data on 598 hospitalized pregnant women with Covid-19, in which 54.5% were asymptomatic at admission in the 13 states of the United State between March 1 and August 22, 2020.

 Among 272 pregnant women with COVID-19 who were showing symptoms at hospital admission, 16.2% were admitted to an intensive care unit (ICU), and 8.5% of women required invasive mechanical ventilation.

The study showed, among 458 hospitalized pregnant women, 448 women (97.8%) completed pregnancies resulted in a live birth, and 10 women (2.2%) resulted in a pregnancy loss.

Preterm or premature delivery was reported for 23.1% of symptomatic women compared with 8% of asymptomatic women, among the 458 pregnancies that resulted in live births, the data showed. Among the live births, two babies died while in the hospital, both were born to symptomatic women who required invasive mechanical ventilation.

The study had some limitations, including that the data were only on pregnant women who were hospitalized and the reason for being hospitalized was unavailable for half of the women in the data, which limits the ability to distinguish between who was hospitalized for pregnancy reasons vs reasons related to Covid-19.

“Pregnant women with Covid-19 and health care providers should be made aware of the potential risks for severe COVID-19 illness, adverse pregnancy outcomes, and ways to prevent infection.” Researchers wrote.

This isn’t the first time that a link between preterm birth and Covid-19 has been identified.

A paper published earlier this month in the BMJ medical journal found that pregnant women with Covid-19 were at increased risk of delivering premature babies, but premature birth rates were not that high.

Slow the spread and protect yourself from COVID-19 during pregnancy.

  • Wear a mask when out in public
  • Stay six-feet apart from others
  • Wash your hands
  • Continue receiving prenatal care

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