Multiple Pregnancy: Causes and Complications in Multiple Birth

Multiple Pregnancy: Causes, Complications of Multiple Birth

A multiple pregnancy means that you are going to deliver more than one baby. Multiple pregnancy results when more than one egg gets fertilized by a man’s sperm. You are more likely to have multiples if you are older than 30. Fertility treatment also results in multiple births sometimes. A fertility treatment is done to help a woman get pregnant.

Women giving birth to multiples can have babies who are all identical, all fraternal or a mixture of both. Identical twins or triplets result when a single egg is fertilized that later divided into two or three identical embryos. Identical twins are of same sex, have same genetic identity and are exactly same. Fraternal twins or triplets. Fraternal twins develop when separate eggs are fertilized by separate sperms. It’s not necessary that fraternal twins or triplets will resemble each other.

Chance of Having Multiples

Women who are tall, heavy and older will have a greater chance of multiple births. Another factor is twins or multiple births on maternal side. If the mother herself is a twin or if there are multiple births in the mother’s family then there is a greater chance that mother will give birth to multiple births. Another thing that increases chance of multiple births is use of fertility drugs. The fertility treatment procedures involve the transfer of more than one fertilized egg into mother’s womb and thus increase the chance of multiple pregnancies.

Prenatal Care in Multiple Pregnancy

In multiple pregnancies, you will need extra care throughout pregnancy, labor and birth. You will need to go to doctor more frequently. You will visit doctor more frequently so that the doctor will check if he/she needs to prevent or treat any complications during pregnancy.

Complications Caused By Multiple Births

Here are some of the problems that you can occur during multiple pregnancies.

  • One of the common problems is premature labor. Women pregnant with multiples go into premature labor.
  • Babies have a low birth weight due to preterm labor.
  • High blood pressure called preeclampsia. This condition becomes severe in women with multiple babies.
  • Gestational diabetes due to increased hormones from placenta.
  • Placental abruption in which placenta separates from uterine wall.
  • Another problem that can occur is that one or both twins may not grow properly. This is called as intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR). This condition causes baby to born prematurely or with a low birth weight.

Staying Healthy In Multiple Pregnancy

In order to stay healthy during a multiple pregnancy, you need to learn a few important things.

  • Eat nutritious food. Women with multiple births have additional dietary needs. Eat an extra 300 calories for developing baby.
  • Get plenty of rest to ease the stress of pregnancy.
  • Regular checkups are important. Find health care professionals who have experience with multiple births. The mother and the baby should receive the best care available.
  • You should get enough hydration (fluids)
  • Good self-care is important.

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