Giving Birth to Twins – Vaginal Birth and Cesarean Birth


In most of the cases, twins are born before 38 weeks. It is important for you to understand your birth options i-e Vaginal Birth and Cesarean Birth. As there are more chances that twins will born earlier so they spend more time in hospital because they need special care. Giving birth to twins is a different experience. There are a few things that a pregnant woman who is expecting twins should prepare for and should discuss birth options with a healthcare provider.  

Position of Babies Affecting Labor and Delivery

Baby’s position in uterus determines how the twins are born. There are two options for twins delivery i.e. vaginal birth or cesarean birth. There are situations when a cesarean section is advisable in a twin birth such as both babies in a breech position. Twins can also change the position even in labor. Let’s look at two ways through which twins are born.

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Vaginal Birth of Twins

The good news about the vaginal birth of two babies is that even though you have two babies, you still have to labor once. Once the cervix gets open, each baby will have its own pushing stage. The second twin comes out more easily because the first baby has already paved the way. In the time between two births, the doctor will perform an ultrasound to check the position of your baby and will tell you that the best option to deliver the baby.

Cesarean Birth of Twins

Fewer than half of twins are born through a c-section. The positioning of babies will determine what type of birth you will have. Some other normal reasons for a cesarean birth are placenta previa, placental abruption, maternal indications like PIH, active herpes, and labor complications like fetal distress. The post-recovery period after giving birth to twins is the same as that of a singleton birth.

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Both Vaginal and Cesarean Birth

In giving birth to twins, a rare situation in which one baby is born through normal birth and other baby is born through a c-section. A cesarean section done for twin b is in an emergency situation like cord prolapse (cord coming out with or before the baby, thereby cutting baby’s oxygen supply), a transverse baby (which cannot be moved by internal or external forces) or placental abruption (in which placenta tears away from the wall of uterus prematurely).

No matter how your twins come to this world, prepare yourself. Accept help when you need it and take time to set up a routine for your babies.

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