Pregnancy -> 1st Trimester

First Trimester

A pregnancy can last for about 40 weeks. These weeks are grouped into three trimesters namely 1st, 2nd and 3rd trimester. 1st trimester starts with conception and ends till week 12 of pregnancy. The body of a pregnant woman goes through a number of physical and emotional changes. The fetus also keeps developing until fully reach maturity. Fetus in first trimester develops all important organs. So it is very essential to take care of yourself from the early weeks of pregnancy. Routine gets changed. Some women feel a lot of discomfort while some women feel nothing at all.

Body changes

Due to increase in level of hormones, every single organ in the body is affected. First sign of pregnancy is a missing period. Following are changes that you will experience during pregnancy.

 After conception, hormonal changes make breasts sensitive. This discomfort decreases after a few weeks when the body gets adjusted to those hormonal changes.

 Morning sickness is very common in pregnancy. Do not keep stomach empty and eat slowly and frequently from time to time. In case of severe nausea and vomiting, contact your doctor.

 Frequent urination is another change that you might notice. You will urinate more than usual.

 Due to increase in hormone progesterone, you will feel tired and will sleep more. You can increase your energy levels by eating a healthy and balanced diet.

 Food aversions and food cravings are common during pregnancy. Your food preferences will get changed due to changes in hormones.

 Increased hormonal levels also cause constipation. You should drink plenty of fluids and eat fiber rich foods daily.

Antenatal appointments

At your first antenatal appointment, your healthcare provider will examine your overall health and will discuss any issues with you. Your doctor will identify any risk factors and will ask detailed questions from you. An ultrasound will be done to confirm your pregnancy and doctor will give you some tests as well. If you have any concerns or any kind of fear in mind, you should not hesitate to ask about it from your doctor. Remember that no question is silly or unimportant and you should never be afraid to ask about it. Those answers will help you feel relax and calm and you will be able to take care of your health in a better way.

Baby’s development

First trimester is very important as the following structures of your baby develop in this trimester. These are:

 At 4 weeks, nervous system, heart, arms and legs bud will develop.

 At 8 weeks, all major organs of your baby will begin to develop. The baby’s heart will also start beating. Baby’s genital will also develop. Arms and legs will keep growing and fingers and toes have also started forming. Baby’s features will become defined and your baby will start to look like a human. Clear umbilical cord will be formed.

 At week 12, baby’s muscles and nerves will start working. The external sex organs will be clearly formed.