Exercises During Pregnancy

Exercises During Pregnancy

Exercise is an essential part of one’s routine. There are some exercises that can are beneficial during pregnancy and can help reduce common problems like backache, swelling, constipation and disturbed sleeping patterns. Doing exercise regularly is good but it should be done at right intensity and not more than it is needed. Another benefit of doing exercise is that it can help in reducing anxiety.

Tips before Starting Any Exercise during Pregnancy

There are some tips that are useful and should be considered before starting any exercise. These tips are discussed as follow:

 Take special precautions with exercise during pregnancy. First important thing is to consult your doctor. In both cases i.e. when you are planning to start a new exercise or continuing the exercises that you already used to do, you should talk to your doctor first.

 Make sure that exercises that you do are not causing overheat as overheating can cause dehydration. You should drink plenty of water while doing any exercise. Also stay in a cool environment.

 Avoid lying on your back to exercise after 16 weeks into your pregnancy. Choose those exercises that can be done while you are seated, upright, lying on one side and lying on your hands and knees.

 1-2 hours before starting any exercise, eat food that contains carbohydrates. Carry juice with yourself in case you feel faint and dizzy. In such case, you should stop doing exercise.

 Due to hormonal changes in pregnancy, bones become soft so the chances of injury also increase during an exercise. It is better to take great care of yourself while doing any exercise.

 Exercises should make you feel good and you should feel physically and mentally fit after any exercise. If any exercise cause you pain, you should immediately stop doing that and seek medical attention.

 Take some rest if you feel tired during an exercise. Stop doing exercises after which you feel down and tired.

 Take up more time to warm up or cool down while doing any exercise.

 Do not suddenly stop while doing any exercise as it can cause low blood pressure and you may start feeling faint. Keep your feet moving so that blood flow back to heart.

 Stop exercising if you are unwell.

Exercises That You Can Do During Pregnancy

Following are some exercises that are good during pregnancy if there is no complication:
 Walking
 Pregnancy exercise classes
 Cycling on a stationary bike
 Swimming (free style)
 Light weight training
 Water aerobics
 Low impact aerobics

Exercises That Should Be Avoided During Pregnancy

Following exercises should be avoided in pregnancy as they can cause harm to the baby. These exercises are:
 Heavy weights
 Bouncing
 Exercises causing pain
 Avoid turning activities
 Exercises that require holding breath
 Prolonged standing static exercises
 Exercises involving sudden changes in directions
 Jerky movements